Akuapem Poloo Descends On Fella Makafui Over Her Single Dubbed 'No Size'.
Ghanaian female controversial songstress and social media influencer, Akuampem Poloo slams AMG Medikal fiance Fella Makafui over her released single song tagged 'No Size'. According to Akuapem Poloo, Makafui can clearly understand that she doesn't have any singing mastery.
She said when you prefer to vocalize, you must compose useful and reasonable songs, not just any cacophony. In her argument, Akuapem Poloo stated that the song broadcasted by Makafui was a trash. The song is very insignificant and meaningless indeed.

She said that the fact the Makafui's husband is a musician doesn't ever guarantee that she must also produce anything to the public. Music is meant to entertain the listener, inspire, motivate, encourage, and many others not just noise, Akuapem Poloo asserted.
She, however, continued that Fella Makafui must take a clear listening to her song dubbed 'Sexy Poloo'. 

Makafui must look for something better to execute than becoming a musician or else she might not get even one person to follow her, Akuapem Poloo deduced.