Big Dollar Abandoned Kwesi Stanza For Not Featuring Him On His Track.
Ghanaian young multiple-talented and beatmaker, Big Dollar recognized in show business as Dollar Beatz abandoned his on music pal, Kwesi Stanza for refusing to feature him on his track. According to the Beatmaker, Kwesi Stanza is his most music partner and Stanza promised Big Dollar to get him on his yet song to be released.

He looked forward to join on this single but to all what he heard was that Stanza has broadcasted the same song he asked Big Dollar to collaborate with him. This issue according to Big Dollar has pained him to the extent that he don't want to talk to Stanza anymore. 
Stanza in an interview stated that he has gone the extra mile to explain everything to his colleague but yet he doesn't wanna listen. 

According to Stanza he never intended not to team up with his pal but the was just short so he does everything himself. Stanza assured Big Dollar that there are more songs ahead to be broadcast so he must take things lightly, He concluded.

Source: YooGhana