God Is Shatta Wale's Media - Twitter User Suggested. ManaclesofShatta on his social media page suggestsd that God is the solely media Shatta Wale has. There has been a fire on the internet as people pull this statement here and there. In explanation of this statement, ManaclesofShatta suggested that God speaks for Shatta Wale whenever the media rise against him to push their favorite artists. In his argument, he expressed how our own media try to pull Shatta Down in all his endeavors.

ManacleofShatta continued on his argument to declare that our media needs stop all this evil they plan for Shatta Wale. He said that the media should ask themselves how come Shatta Wale get known in the whole world without any help from the industry. He said, God is with Shatta even when the whole world is against him.
If you have God you have everything he disclosed.