I Am The Most Insulted Ghanaian Musician - Shatta Wale Speaks. Ghanaian most decorated and controversial dancehall artist, Shatta Wale claims he's the only provincial musician who has been receiving a lot of insults from buffs and the entire public and even beyond. In his arguments, he declared that all his efforts in the entertainment industry have nothing to do with creating confusion among the musicians but rather make the system more enjoyable.

He continued to assert that dissing and beefing in the entertainment industry isn't a crime but rather makes the the system more sensational. People perhaps misinterpreted this as throwing hue and causing disaster in the entertainment industry and however storms insult on him.
It is now clear and obvious that Shatta Wale has been trending all over the world due to some of his intentions to make the entertainment industry more interesting.

He further pleads fans and the entire world not to err him for what he does sometimes. All those entertainments emerge in the industry with no intention of abusing anyone.