With an interview with the boss of rufftown records, Bullet reveals why he sacked Fantana over Wendy Shay. According to the statement Bullet brought in during the interview, Bullet proclaimed that it was the hope Wendy Shay bestowed him that was why he was able to sign more artistes in the label. He stated that Fantana has honestly provoked immense havoc to the label.
Fantana was invariably fighting her own record label colleague due to some hearsay from the outsiders. Fantana just needed to be sacked from the label for better because of her attitude that was tarnishing the label.

Bullet also reveals how beneficial Wendy had been to him after the death of Ebony Reigns. He asserted that he was in Sweden that he heard the death of his signed act, Ebony. This awful moment really put him into shock. He nearly gave up on investing in the entertainment industry. He had no choice so, therefore, he decided to search for new business until he met Wendy. Through the creative and amazing performances of Wendy enable Bullet to get hope because he thought he had lost all his investment in the industry.

He concluded, this is why I thought it wise to sack Fantana rather. Through Wendy, I have been able to sign more artists into the label.