Kuami Eugene Can't Stand Me - Mr. Benchie Declears.
Ghanaian highlife sensation and the boss of Better Music Empire, Mr. Benchie told Kuami Eugene can't stand him when it comes to singing. In his argument, he stated that Kuami Eugene can't compose his own song and rather steals other people's songs.
Me. Benchie in an interview with kumasinaija media asserted clearly that Kuami Eugene doesn't have a few singing abilities. He only produces and sometimes becomes a smash song. According to Mr. Benchie being a good musician involve your ability to compose your own song rather than performing a mashup of others song.

Me. Benchie also stated that Kuami Eugene is young and has been favored so he must not boost himself much. He asserted again that he desires that the Ghana music industry could organize some singing battle for them. 
Mr. Benchie said like he gonna defeat Kuami Eugene totally.