Kwesi Stanza Accused For Using 'Juju' In His Music Career - Ntitan Kwaku.
Ghanaian young upcoming rapper, Ntitan Kwaku alleges that Kwesi Stanza uses 'juju' to get trendy in the province. He asserted that he has been struggling and strolling with Stanza for a while and honestly knows him generously. He claimed that he's more or less like a brother to Stanza.

Ntitan Kwaku confesses that Stanza called him by phone and discuss it with him on their music career. During the conversation, Stanza suggested that even God knows that they are suffering. In times like these, you need to forget about heaven and hell. You just need to look quick in all your endeavors. To shorten everything Stanza wanted them to use 'juju' to push their music career high.
According to the upcoming rapper, Ntitan never gave his mind to Stanza. He said he would never go anywhere else apart from his God in heaven. He said he knows that the process may take long but sure he shall succeed.

Stanza still insisted on going for 'Juju' to get trendy. With this statement by Ntitan has really engaged the internet in talking. Till the truth about this matter is backed by evidence since Ntitan claims to provide the recorded audio during the call.
We are going to have our eyes on this matter as we scrutinize day in day out. Let's all have our hands crossed until the truth is revealed.