Ghanaian Kumawood actor/musician and comedian, Kojo Nkasah who is popularly inferred as Lil Win in show business deciphered vividly how he relates to Ghanaian Kumawood actress, Sandra Ababio. Most of the populace knew about the kind of affair Lil Win had built up with Sandra. We all thought Sandra and Lil Win are into serious dating.

Another matter popping up is in connection with Lil Win and Sandra. Kojo Nkasah is now out explaining how he relates to Sandra. He announced that many people thoughts he's into dating Sandra but that isn't true. He went the extra mile to swear that there isn't anything between him and Sandra.
He confessed he met Sandra Ababio during a movie shot. He just saw that Sandra was good at acting but she was having less opportunity to appear many times in the movie which could easily influence her ability to get trendy.

Lil Win said he took Sandra as his younger sister and decided to help her. However, Lil Win takes Sandra to the scene where ever he has a movie contract.  This is actually what brought him and Sandra together. He also stated that he wholeheartedly decided to help Sandra without any intention of proposing to her. Sandra doesn't relate as fiance to him as Ghanaian perceived it, He concluded.