Ghanaian recognized writer and blogger, Bright Essah recalled in show biz as Mr. Bryt expresses how some Ghanaian artists are not creative in nature. According to Mr.Bryt, the originality of an artist include the ability to produce original and reasonable songs. As a matter of fact, you don't need to copy someone else work and substitute some components to make it your own. 
Contemplating from the current trendy issue that Mr. Drew and his record label are facing, they are all as a consequence of not being able to produce quality songs of his own. He stated that most of our provincial artists are into such acts.

When you want to remain original as an artist, you have to write your own songs and avoid taking your lyrics from other people's work. Kuami Eugene for instance, always accused of stealing other people's songs he added. Being an artist requires you to be creative, optimistic, among others to enable the public too to support you.

Mr. Bryt finally speaks on how Highly spiritual boss, Kaywa, signed act, Mr Drew and Stonebwoy copyright infringement from Rotimi as to serve as a lesson for other colleagues who are into this to put a stop to it, he concluded.