Popular Ghanaian social media personality, Moesha Buduong, has come out to state that she needs to be awarded for being the most trolled person in Ghana.

Moesha stated that so many times she had wanted to pack her tools and leave social media due to the backlashes, trolls.

She added that the had “dark” side of Social media, has made her come to the very verge of throwing her phone into the garbage bin. She, however, said she was not going to succumb to any pressure from these trolls to get her to say ‘goodbye’ to social media for good.
According to Moesha she would not leave social media anytime soon and is willing to stand every pressure it brings.

She went further to throw a question to her fans on how to make social media profitable instead of focusing on all the negative energy stemming from there.

Of course, Moesha has been the talk of the internet several times for so many reasons, so it’s not surprising that she is asking to be awarded for receiving the most backlash on social media.
Moesha Boduong is a Ghanaian actress and model who is known more for her figure than for the number of movies she has starred in. She is remembered for granting an interview to CNN reporter Christiane Amanpour on issues of sex, love and gender which did not go down well with the Ghanaian society especially women.

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