Ghanaian youth are becoming too ignorant and irresponsible nowadays. All that they say after everything is 'its the devil'. Another l£@ked n.@k-ed v!de0 is from Sharifatu Alhassan whose b0!frein.d demanded such from her. The girl being unwise to it so simple and recorded her complete Now, its time for Sharifatu to send the v!de0 recorded already to her fiance. To her surprise, she mistakenly uploaded it to her cousin who is not on good terms with her. Without delaying and due to hatred her cousin forwarded the v!de0 to his friends as well as groups he joins on Whatsapp. Sharifatu only noticed when she tried reaching her b0!fr.eind to ask whether he has received it. To respond the guy gave to her, she went back to see whether the v!de0 has been sent. OMG...... See it yourself. Watch V!de0 Caution: Please our ladies be careful not to record your n@.ked-ness to anyone, it can destroy you some days to come!!!