Smith Jnr

 According to the CEO of the Empire(Trippygh), SmithJnr confronted him that, the CEO of TIMANUUBALA which Is now TSK  has decided to support his music and has been  putting pressure On him to leave the label and join his label, 

Starboi Lexis

That he promise to take him far in the industry,And  he thought it wise to bring it on board, during the discussions of the team (theHeroFamily) 
Everyone believes that the young boy (SmithJnr) has been influenced Because he believes that, The CEO Of TIMANUUBALA(Starboi Lexis) is never going to disappoint him.So the CEO of the TrIppyghMusicEmpire (Hero) has no other option than  to let him go. Because if he refuse, it will look like he is sitting on the boy’s future.  

Trippy Gh (CEO)

According to sources Starboy Lexis (Timanuubala) is a best friend to the Boss of the Hero Family which he never consulted him when he had interest in the boy (SmithJnr)
 So on this note  Someone is fooled and some one has been betrayed.
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