Social media is set on fire over photos of a mysterious creature caught by Fishermen at Adafienu in the Volta Region of Ghana.

This, however attracted mixed reactions, having many expressed total shock and asking so much questions about it.

Do you remember the saying; “If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck then it’s a duck”? Well, it looked as if we have a similar one here to decode! Just this morning, Monday 21st September 2020, a mysterious creature was caught by one of the fishermen at Adafienu.

Though there creature looks like a whale, the people in the community – including even the fisherman who caught this wonderful and whale-looking creature claim that this has been the very first time they are setting an eye on this kind of fish or creature on their shores.

And hence, one of their chief fishermen even stated that the creature of fish can not be eaten.

A few questions that many people are asking, however, is that “was this mysterious fish or mysterious creature caught alive or it was caught dead”? They went on to enquire that “if it could not be eaten, then why did they kill it – that’s for the case when it was caught alive?

There are others too who do not even want to accept the fact that the creature is supposed to be called a fish.

Meanwhile, most of the eyewitnesses do believe that the mysterious creature is a whale – part of this group even went to tell that it’s a baby whale (calf).