E×posed: Popular Tv Presenter Show Her T0ng@ For The First Time, Public Reacted. Uganda top-notch television station popular presenter, Erica Sham has shaken the internet with her unprecedented video l£aked by her alleged bo!fr!end. Erica after breaking silence for a long time explains how he hates her better half now. She said that the video was recorded some couple of years ago as she met her guy during their initial date. The guy asked her to give him some n-u.d.e pictures and videos of herself and sometimes even online calls. She however deleted all the replica of such seductive materials of themselves and what pains her most was when the guy also confirmed he has done the same. Erica said that what she doesn't understand now is how one among those videos pops on-line. And further pleaded the general populace of Uganda to forgive her for such a tagged to her now. The general public of Uganda hasn't taken such thing as sheer occurrence and have descended heavily on her and the bo!fr!end who allegedly l£aked the video. The guy has also showered massive apologies to his girlfriend and the entire public since he never did such with intentions but rather unfortunately sent it to a group instead of the intended video. You can watch it below;