RuffTown Records Signee, Wendy Shay born Wendy Addo is no stranger when it comes to being trolled. She has had her fair share of social media trolls but on the days when she decides to go without makeup, it heightens and takes a rather nasty turn.

It is not easy sharing your blemishes with the world, that is why all of us, sometimes filter our photos or more so make our faces up to hide our flaws. Sadly, people cannot appreciate how brave that is and would go at any length to make a mockery of anyone who puts herself out there that way.

Wendy Shay has been labeled with all sorts of disturbing names all because she decided to share a no-makeup photo. Today, social media folks are it again, playing the cards of comparison between Wendy Shay and Eno Barony.

It seems people want to know how either of them looked with no makeup on and which one of them actually rocked the looks. As petty as it sounds, that is the drama we live for. Who really rocked the no-makeup looks— Wendy or Eno?