Gal∆ Vide0: Another University$tud£nts Uploaded Their Yawa  Gal∆ Vide0 On Twitter - Watch Vide0. Hmm, new day new things, here is another buzzing around social media which you might have probably sighted an eye on it but here we add more inquiries with regards to the circulating viral displaying the yawa moment University $tud£nts we're captùr£d having s3.x in turns

A University in Nigerian, Lautech has been tge talk of the week after $tud£nts from this University, Lautech engaged in certain unprofessional activities and also had the guts to share it on social media. In the circulating vide0, the $tud£nts were captured having a good time on b3d as they were going in turns

Now, the video has reached the authorities of the institution and there is currently on going arrangements to suspend the learners seen from the scenes and per the report announced by the Principal could put indefinite suspension on them. Any other way, we are going to monitor this underneath incident to bring to you anything that happens.

You can similarly watch the video that we are talking about below by joining us on telegram since the video is already made available there. Sorry we couldn't uploaded it straight here due to its features.