How Do You File a Life Insurance Claim?


How Do You File a Life Insurance Claim?: Every insurance company has its own method for filing claims, but typically you can start the claim online or over the phone. Before you start a claim, it’s helpful to gather the following documentation or information:

  • Policyholder's Social Security number
  • Policyholder's date of birth
  • Policyholder's date of death
  • The original death certificate
  • Insurance policy number

Once you gather that information, you can typically begin a claim online, via mail, or over the phone. If your agent has a local office, you may also be able to file your claim in person. Upon beginning the claim, you will likely receive a claim form or packet that you must complete and return to complete your claim. At this time, you must also determine how you would like to receive the death benefit.

After you’ve completed the required documentation, send it, along with the death certificate and any other pertinent documentation, to the insurance provider. They will then review the claim and, if it’s approved, issue the payment.

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