Any sort of ‘usual' nods for bribery?

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  As a resident, I usually feel ripped off. I feel the memory cards greatly piled versus me. If nominees of community, urban, and also area settings up are actually regulating such cash, to ensure they may provide twenty or even more setting up participants around GH¢2000 or even GH¢3000 each, as is actually being actually claimed at the Peninsula Shore Urban Setting up, along with a comparable occurring at the Juaben Community Setting up in the Ashanti Location, after that exactly just what is actually my opportunity of, in all honesty, through effort, producing it?

On Oct 7, 2021, a team, the Interested Setting up Participants of the Peninsula Shore Urban Setting up apparently, kept a push meeting to yield cash talented to all of them through Head of state Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo's Urban Main Exec candidate, Mr. Ernest Arthur. Inning accordance with all of them, they were actually returning it as a result of complaints through their components that they possessed acquired the cash and also cannot authorize the candidate. The agent of the team of twenty, Usman Abbam Egyin, stated that the cash provided prior to the recommendation was actually dishonest.

After that at the Juaben Community Setting up, the President's candidate, Mr. Alex Safo Kantanka, is actually listened to ranting and also raving around some cash he possessed provided some participants of the setting up after he was declined for the 2nd opportunity on video clips that comes on Google and Twitter. In the clip, Mr. Alex Safo Kantanka threatens and also outrages others in the online video for taking his cash. Coming from his very personal mouth, he accuses somebody of drawing from him as high as GH¢1,000 and also was actually after the 2nd recommendation and also his 2nd denial.

Obia nye all set na oma me sika name me (everyone has to prepare to reimburse my money), he is actually listened to claiming in Twi in the clip. The good news is, over the weekend break, the Workplace of the Unique District attorney (OSP) welcomed him, specifying in the character that the workplace "has actually started examinations into allegations of shadiness and also corruption-related offenses (specifically shadiness and also scare tactics in appreciation of a people political vote-casting), especially in connection with your, Alex Sarfo Kantanka's nomination and also verification or even or else as the Community Main Exec of Juaben Municipality in the Ashanti Location."

Area 252 of the Unlawful Code 1960 (Process 60) on Approving or even Offering Bribe to Determine People Policeman or even Juror conditions that (1) Whoever takes, or even concurs or even uses to recognize any sort of useful point to consider, under the pretense or even color of possessing unduly affected, or even of agreeing or even being actually capable thus to determine, anyone in appreciation of his functionalities as a people policeman or even juror, is actually bad of a misdemeanor;

(2) Whoever provides, or even concurs or even uses to provide to any sort of people policeman any sort of useful point to consider for the approval to themself or even to some other individual of any sort of gain or even benefit or even for the workout of determining in favor of themself or even some other individual is' bad of a misdemeanor. 1st, I marvel why the Peninsula Shore Urban setting up participants and also Mr. Ernest Arthur, have actually certainly not however been actually welcomed for examinations of what unfurled at the setting up on Oct 7, 2021, during the course of methods to nominate him. I'm likewise pondering why the Peninsula Shore authorities, transformed a careless eye to happenings during the course of the nomination.

The Unlawful Code is actually the operating paper of the authorities and also based upon that, they could possibly have actually welcomed all of the events for examinations. Since they possessed likewise been actually "sorted" (bribed to appeal away) when journalism meetings on the allegations of bribery and also disorders erupted at the setting up? The happenings at the Peninsula Shore Urban and also the Juaben Community settings up are actually no challenging bribery problems for the OSP to intervene, Was actually their inaction. The OSP has to book gas usage for challenging bribery and also shadiness situations.

In the present situations, certainly, there certainly are actually video clips of claimed bribery and also various other happenings that the authorities may manage quickly unless they on their own are actually complicit. Our team places a such fee on bribery, like exactly just what is actually claimed to have actually developed at the Peninsula Shore and also the Juaben settings up, providing the condition of a higher, stylish unlawful act, for which our team requires an OSP to look into! It is actually an opportunity such criminal activities were actually used up due to the authorities. It is actually an opportunity the examination of such bribery situations ended up being the standard consequently schedule that people police officers have taken note of. Yet that may just hold true if the authorities on their own are actually over condemnation.


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