How Do I Buy Life Insurance From New York Life? (New York Life vs. Bestow)


How Do I Buy Life Insurance From New York Life?

To purchase a life insurance policy from New York Life, contact one of their agents to discuss your life insurance options and priorities. New York Life financial specialists are available to determine each individual’s goals and needs based on factors such as age, income, expenses, and assets. New York Life’s life insurance policies currently aren't available to purchase online.

To find a New York Life agent, you can search for agents near you or locate an agent you want to work with by name on the company's website. You also can fill out a form to have a New York Life agent contact you within 48 hours.

New York Life vs. the Competition (New York Life vs. Bestow)

While New York Life offers both term and permanent life insurance, Bestow, an online insurance company, only offers term insurance without the possibility of building cash value over time. Bestow’s policies also don’t have any riders available, whereas New York Life’s policies do. In general, however, Bestow tends to be cheaper than New York Life for term insurance. And while New York Life may require a medical exam to qualify, Bestow never requires one. Since Bestow is based online, it may also be more convenient than New York Life, which requires you to contact an agent to apply for coverage.

Bestow serves as the licensed agent and partners with insurers, such as the North American Company for Life and Health Insurance, which issue the policies.

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