A visionary healthcare medical professional for the time - In the mind of Prof. Samuel Ofosu-Amaah (1931 - 2023)

 A visionary healthcare medical professional for the time - In the mind of Prof. Samuel Ofosu-Amaah (1931 - 2023)

There's an adage approximately generational thinkers that claim, "A culture expands wonderfully when outdated guys vegetation trees in whose tone they should certainly never rest." Our company has a tendency certainly not to entirely enjoy our wonderful nationwide forebears till our company locate our own selves, occasionally, in a precarious condition. A handful of years rear, I located myself consulting with some problems and also appearing hoarse together. I possessed most likely to look for a solution at the Korle Bu Training Health Center, Accra, with the ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat) team.

While in the waiting area, I discovered a marble plaque on the wall structure. It was actually committed to Prof. Emeritus Samuel Ofosu-Amaah for his introduction attempt in receiving the ENT team setup. [It was actually by means of Prof. Emmanuel Design. Kitcher and also Dr. Kafui Searyoh that it was actually discovered I possessed built a polyp on my singing chords, and also which was actually properly eliminated effectively.] God relocate unexplainable methods: I was actually to satisfy Prof. Ofosu-Amaah ultimately real. He went to my house to poise the relationship of my little girl to his younger nephew. 

When the instructor passed — January thirteen, 2023 — I went to your home to provide my condolences. In our discussion, the widow, Mrs. Virginia Akweley Ofosu-Amaah, led me into the living room to observe the fine craft assortment and also a citation in her husband's honor coming from The Ghana University of Medical professionals and also Cosmetic doctors. In acknowledgment of his payment to high top premium medical in Ghana, he was actually honored and also shown with the "Impressive Nationwide and also Worldwide Management in Health and Wellness Honor 2022."

The widow was actually thus happy with the husband's success she read through the caption, an estimate through Ralph Waldo Emerson, which claimed, "Don't observe where the road might top. Go as an alternative where there's no road and also leave behind a path". She claimed the estimate really recorded her individuality and also a sense of her caring other half. The citation encapsulated his lifestyle and also continued as observers: "Emeritus Instructor Ofosu-Amaah, you're an exceptional instance of a visionary forerunner that goes where there's no road and also leaves behind a path for others to observe.

As the founding supervisor of the College of Ghana Institution of Community Health and Wellness (1994 - 2000), you set up a durable and also top quality Grasp of Community Health and Wellness Plan that has actually endured gradually and also carries on to build its own measure on Ghana and also around the world. You assisted to lead the founding of the Ghana University of Medical Professionals and also Cosmetic Doctors in 2003/2004, ending up being its own founding head of state.

"You have actually stored a number of various other significant settings, as UNICEF's Elderly Expert on African Health and wellness [1984 - 1992], as Chairman of the Korle-Bu Training Health Center Monitoring Panel, as Bad Habit Dean of the College of Ghana Health care Institution, and also Behaving Supervisor of the Noguchi Memorial Principle for Health care Research study, and also as a rep of the Health care Occupation at the Nationwide Constituent Setting up that composed the 1969 Constitution of Ghana, and also as Other and also Vice-President of the Ghana Academy of Arts and also Sciences.

"A recognized Doctor and also Instructor of Community Health and wellness, you're the recipient of the Alumni Honor of Quality coming from Harvard College, a Medical professional of Scientific research (Honoris Causa) coming from the College for Progression Research research, and also the Participant of the Purchase of the Volta coming from the Federal authorities of Ghana." Mental knowledge participates in a fantastic duty in a slave leader's attitude. Understanding just how one's private behavior has an effect on the behavior of others, such innovators acknowledge the market value of self-discipline.

By means of the apparent show of higher ethical and also reliable specifications, the slave forerunner encourages others through instance and also transparent power of character. When one shows the belief of greed that appears to engulf this gorgeous nation of ours, one is actually lured to assume that we lack heroes. I indicate certainly not simply folks that indicate effectively, yet folks that in fact go the added mile to succeed for others.

Blogging about Prof. Kwabena Nketia, in my make a reservation for, "Management: Representations on some moving companies, shakers and also thinkers," I have taken note that "At the center of Prof. Nketia's being actually is actually that outright discreetness: ‘Adepa nkasa' as our company state in Akan; the feeling of reason … those simple smiles that oppose knowing." In the ridicule for residing sizable in ostentatious features, I keep in mind - as a college trainee - Prof. Nketia inform me, in Twi, "Ma tra". [To wit, "I mean past that!"] Correct heroes prepare for exactly just what they can possibly do to inform and also bring in various other people's lifestyles simpler.

Intense, specialist, tranquility, and unceremonious, Prof. Ofosu-Amaah accommodates the mold of that age of slave innovators unfazed due to the features of the exterior world. Prof. Samuel Ofosu-Amaah was actually birthed in Jamestown, Accra, on January thirteen, 1931, the first-born youngster of Lawrence and also Bernice Ofosu-Amaah. He participated in Achimota Institution, the College University of the Gold Shoreline — Legon, and afterward Glasgow College Health Care Institution, Scotland.

He went back to Ghana after specializing in pediatrics. He very initially created his measure in the health and wellness solution at the Children's Shutout of the Korle Bu Training Health Center. In her account of Prof. Ofosu-Amaah, Elizabeth Ohene took note that community health and wellness was actually his major preoccupation. That was actually just how he became section — along with the behind time Prof. Fred Sai — of the Danfa Health and Wellness Venture, the widely known non-urban health and wellness venture that looked to locate the condition of food items and also health and nutrition, real estate, health in the lifestyle of the non-urban youngster.

Taken note as a medical professional that intends to avoid instead of healing, it was actually his focus on lameness that revealed the various surprise situations of polio in the nation and also brought about the primary choice of Ghana taking on the full-scale inoculation of kids. The article writer is actually a fitness instructor of instructors, management instructor, inspirational audio sound speaker, and also high top premium education and learning proponent.

Enimil Ashon acquired it inappropriately - Agric Industry under Dr. Akoto was ideal under the 4th State

In the Friday, February 10, 2023 version of The Everyday Visuals, a columnist along with the paper, Enimil Ashon, composed a post looking to examine the successes or even typical of the government's crown jewel farming plan, Installing Food items and also Tasks (PFJ). In his write-up, Mr. Ashon benchmarked his evaluation of the PFJ program based upon pair of principal issues; advertising and marketing and also transport, alluding to the PFJ Market, which was actually presented behind time in 2015, as a stopgap assessment to provide help manage the escalating food items rates in the areas.

His debate was actually that the Ministry of Food Items and also Farming, under the management of Dr. Owusu Afriyie Akoto, possessed utilized taxpayers' amounts of funds to carry food items coming from creation places to metropolitan area centers under the interim PFJ Market treatment. I would love to resolve the problems increased through Mr. Ashon in his write-up coming from pair of principal viewpoints.

1st, the rationale for the PFJ project and also the successes thereof, and also pair of, the factor responsible for the overview of the PFJ Market and also the particulars thereof. It is actually necessary to emphasize for the interest of Mr. Ashon and also viewed visitors that the PFJ project is actually an all-natural technique to resolve the myriad of problems which possessed hitherto bedeviled the agricultural industry for many years.

The PFJ project includes 5 principal places. These are actually:

  • Food items safety and safety component - These entail boosting the creation of general food items crops including maize, rice, soybean, sorghum, and so on
  • The Plant Crops Sector- which includes the progression of 6 primary plant crops specifically Coconut, Cashew, Rubber, Oil Hand, Mango, and also Shea.
  • The animal industry under the Rearing For Food items and also Tasks (RFJ)
  • Greenhouse Technology- which includes modern-day modern technology in veggie creation.
  •  Mechanization for Food items and also Jobs- which includes creating modern-day ranch tools and also devices readily accessible to farmers at less expensive rates.


These components have actually all found notable successes.

As an example, just before the development of the NPP management in 2017, the typical creation of farmers was actually quite reduced, greatly credited to the absence of using modern-day farming modern technology, consisting of using fertilizer and also strengthened seeds. Additionally, the expansion capability of the agricultural industry was actually absolutely nothing at all to create residence approximately.

This suggests farmers did not have the requisite know-how of farming inputs which possessed a commensurate effect on creation. The Installing for Food Items and also Tasks program, as a result, looked to resolve these problems by creating these inputs readily accessible to farmers at less expensive and also budget-friendly rates.

The PFJ program, within this particular scenario, took care of pair of vital issues; availability and also the cost of farming inputs. Regarding whether these goals have actually been actually attained or otherwise, the over 1.7 thousand farmers that have actually taken advantage of this admirable project are actually the most effective folks to solution. Today, by means of the instrumentality of Dr. Akoto, the individual source capability of expansion police officers was improved coming from 1,400 to over 4,000.

Once again, Mr. Ashon and also others that presume identical will certainly exempt a handful of minutes of their opportunity to evaluate records of the development of the country's economic condition, which are actually with ease readily accessible on several websites, consisting of our own Ghana Analytical Solution (GSS), they will have actually understood that the agricultural industry has actually observed an unmatched development under the management of Dr. Akoto.

Every stat coming from the GSS, the agricultural industry videotaped its own fastest development in thirty years in 2020 and also 2021, at 7.3 percent and also 8.4 percent specifically. The closest any type of past times management possessed happened remained in 2009 when the industry viewed a 7.3 percent development. It is actually additionally intriguing to detail that prior to PFJ was actually presented in 2017, Ghana's agricultural industry was actually increasing at lower than 3 percent a year, without a doubt also cheapest at 0.9 percent in 2014.

If these are actually inadequate evidence of the excellent efficiency of the industry under Dr. Akoto, at that point I perform unknown exactly just what various other benchmarks may be utilized to assess the efficiency of an industry vis a vis a country's GDP development. Right now, permit me to invest a handful of moments to resolve the concern of the PFJ Market whereupon manner Mr. Ashon attracted his verdicts regarding the approximate efficiency of the PFJ program.

I would love to tell Mr. Ashon that the celebrations that required the overview of the PFJ Market, which was actually simply economic sector led with no monetary input coming from the ministry, possessed more to perform with morality instead of business economics. This was actually at once when some Ghanaians, for factors ideal understood to all of them, possessed preferred to profiteer coming from the worldwide economic condition problems, produced due to COVID-19 and also the Russian-Ukrainian battle. Be sufficient to point out, a few of our other residents "were actually seizing the possibility of the Xmas to eat biscuits" as the well-liked expression goes.

The rate of foodstuffs possessed arrived at its own optimal due to continual raises in gas rates and also investors were actually making use of that as a justification to rate products astronomically. Nevertheless, the moral preacher, possessing toured the whole entire nation and also realizing the huge rate differentials of foodstuffs at creation places as compared to the areas, determined to mobilize the economic sector to provide help carrying food items coming from regional neighborhoods to the areas. The purpose primarily was actually to lessen the worries of each investor and also customers approximately food items safety and safety.

Mr. Ashon cannot consider the good component of the whole entire intervention; that food items are actually completely readily accessible, being obligated to pay to the PFJ project also during the economic problems. It will certainly, as a result, run out spot for anybody in conclusion that merely since the ministry determined to mobilize the economic sector to carry foodstuffs coming from the creation web internet web sites to the areas, connotes breakdown. I will certainly rejoice to involve Mr. Ashon in a thorough dialogue on the progression of the agricultural industry over the final 6 years. The author is actually a social and also plan expert

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