Bessa, Kojo Antwi and Ambolley advise GH one-time hitmakers

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THESE PEOPLE hit the songs scene with a large bang thrilling songs lovers with tunes that are welcomed with ‘thunderous’ applause.

Nevertheless , their following releases fail woefully to complement their earlier hit; resulting in people describing these once on a time promising histrion as one-time-hitmakers.

Searching for some answers, Visual Showbiz spoke for some veteran musicians with been and are still making good music.

Afro-Fusion music performer, Kojo Antwi said it was about time young music artists did albums if they desired to stay in the songs business for a long time.

Kojo Antwi

“I feel not saying public are certainly not good but albums are always the best. Let us say in case a music performer has popular solitary, how many times can he or she perform that single at a particular time?

"There is no way you can perform that hit solitary for more than half an hour.

“During our time, we were doing albums and if only one song is even a hit on the album, you have the chance to perform almost all the songs but hardly would you find the children doing albums recently, ” he said.

He explained that the young performers need to do traditional music that would last for quite a while. “Everything starts off from the home town.

"If you do traditional music, Ghanaians will embrace it and that is the things i urge the children to do, ” he said.

Inside the part, Bessa Simon said: “Music is a quest put into result, we need to learn and not merely do it because others are doing it.

"Stonebwoy started out long ago and contains so many struck songs. You need to have enough fuel in your tank and keep learning.

“Some of them do not know about music, they read someone’s hit tune and they think they can do the same but it doesn’t work like that; there is so much they must learn before going into music.

“A good management team will also force you in the right direction so that is another thing the young ones should check out, nearly all of them have no proper handlers and this goes a long way to have an effect on them.

“In our time, we discovered a lot so whatever we do till date is traditional and that is the main reason nearly all of us have timeless songs, songs which have been around for many years yet are still enjoyed by both the aged the old.

Gyedu Blay Ambolley also extra his voice, expressing: “It is all about education and information; you need to be educated the music, the melodic side of it and the nitty-gritty of computer. That draws that you scrutinise the music.

Gyedu Blay Ambolley

“The young ones are just copying audio from a different nation, they need to learn the music. They depend upon computers and do cut and substance.

"Most artificial things don’t last. They will need to go to more experienced artistes to learn from them for them to come out with traditional music, ” he stated.

In addition giving his feelings on the concern, Sadiq Abdulai Abu, Ceo of 3Music Awards and expertise manager said how a musician fractures through determines how they are accepted.

“If a performers comes in a comic way, the public kind of accept you the way you emerged in when you are try to do serious music, it won’t work.

"Such musicians come in as sensations and are easily ignored and so the moment such musicians try to do serious audio, the public can not relate to them”

“More so, nearly all of these musicians are not able to find how their song became popular at a certain point in time also because they are not able to do it, they are not able to revisit again with another banger and eventually lose colour off.

“But all is not lost as Shatta Wale has been able to increase above all these issues and the children can learn some from him” they told Graphic Showbiz.


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