What is a specialized MBA program?


What is a specialized MBA program? 

An MBA degree makes you a more attractive candidate globally and can help you develop management and leadership skills. Although general MBAs are most common, you can specialize your degree in whatever business area you want. MBAs come with special designations in finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, and more. Specializing in one of these fields gives you a master’s level of knowledge in your area and combines it with principles focused on leadership. 

What’s the career outlook of an MBA graduate? 

According to a report by U.S. News & World Report — of the 134 full-time, ranked MBA programs in the U.S. that provided data, on average, nearly 84% found employment within three months of graduation with a median starting salary of $105–115K for MBA graduates. As MBA graduates typically enter management-level positions after graduating, their roles reflect the high-income opportunities they receive.  The landscape of career opportunities for MBA grads ranges far and wide. The reason is that your career outlook will be shaped by the connections you make during your program. The more actively you build your network, the greater your chances become of moving your career forward when the time comes. That’s why choosing between an online MBA program and an in-person one is such a big choice. 

The heights you can reach with your MBA depend on the field you work in. An MBA will give you the knowledge to manage a corporate team, navigate the intricacies of business-related tasks, and even operate your own business. Your MBA is a flexible tool that’s only limited by your imagination. 

What’s right for me?

How do you find the right MBA program for you? As you navigate through your MBA options, these are some of the factors you should consider: Do you prefer a full-time or part-time virtual or in-person program? Does the program offer distinguished professors, and is there an active alumni network?

What is the cost, and are scholarships available?

Earning an MBA is a big decision with multiple issues to consider. Median base salaries for MBA holders typically increase over time, but employment statistics and program costs change each year. Do your research to see if an MBA is right for you.


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