All hail the free senior high school (SHS) policy!

 All hail the free senior high school (SHS) policy!

 When the government announced that it would for the first time in Ghana's history implement the free senior high school (SHS) policy, many people were curious about how the government would fund such a large undertaking. However, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo yesterday put an end to that perplexing question regarding the sources of funding for the ambitious program by pointing to profits from the country's natural resources as the source of funding.

Talking at the West Africa SHS (WASS) at Adentan, close to Accra, to authoritatively send off the free SHS strategy, the President said: " We have chosen to utilize the returns from our normal assets to assist with teaching the populace to drive our financial change." The Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Four, Target One, states that the free SHS policy is in line with By 2030, all young men and young ladies will finish free, fair, and quality essential and auxiliary instruction, prompting pertinent and powerful learning results."

In addition, it stipulates that all girls and boys will have access to high-quality early childhood development, care, and pre-primary education by 2030 in order to prepare them for primary education. In spite of the numerous criticisms from skeptics whose concern was the issue of funding, which led them to claim that the policy was unsustainable, The Daily Graphic takes this opportunity to commend the President for walking the talk.

We are aware that the policy has a high nominal cost to the nation, but in real terms, it is one of the most significant investments a government could make in its citizens. The benefits of free secondary education include the production of a skilled labor force in many nations, including the United States.

In Ghana, many individuals who possess top situations in both people in general and the confidential areas were upheld with some type of grant, without which they would have died, and the nation would have been the greatest washout. Therefore, it is reassuring that the government has realized something that many people thought was impossible due to a lack of funds. However, as the saying goes, The free SHS policy will undoubtedly be a costly endeavor, and the government will need to exert additional effort in order to raise the necessary funds from our natural resources in order to fulfill its obligations. You will not know how easy or tedious a journey is until you take the first step. This is on the grounds that the nation doesn't control the costs of such assets, including oil and gas, on the global market. In light of this, the Daily Graphic would like to persuade the government to set aside a fund for the policy so that Ghana's development partners and Ghanaian businesses can contribute to the program's cushioning in times of need.

In order to guarantee complete transparency and accountability, the government must also consider ensuring that policy administrators act with tact and diligence. Regarding this program, there should be no mismanagement or misapplication of funds. This is the most reliable strategy for maintaining the program that holds the key to developing a strong and skilled workforce for the nation.

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