AU-EU Culmination should not be a simple discussion work

 AU-EU Culmination should not be a simple discussion work

The fifth African Association European Association (AU-EU) Culmination is occurring in Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire. The two-day culmination, which started yesterday, is vital to the two landmasses since this year points to the tenth commemoration since the reception of the joint AU-EU System, making this year a characterizing one for AU-EU relations. The summit serves as a significant platform and presents a chance to strengthen economic and political ties between the two continents. If, for no good reason by any means, it offers African nations the valuable chance to uncover issues of worry to them in their relations with Europe under one stage.

African and EU leaders are focusing on investing in the youth of the two continents as they discuss the future of their relations on the topic: Putting money into youth for a long-term future Due to the fact that 60% of Africans are under the age of 25, this topic is important to both Africa and the EU. Even more significant is the fact that the summit is taking place at a time when the problem of African youth migrating illegally to Europe is at its highest point, with many of them suffering abuse and eventually dying in European countries.

It is customary for the summit of heads of state and government to take place every three years, rotating between Africa and Europe. The purpose of the meeting is to assess the progress that has been made in the implementation of commitments and to provide political guidance for the work that is to come. African and European heads of state and government, the President of the African Union, the Chairperson of the African Union Commission, the President of the European Council, and the President of the European Commission are all present at the roll call in Cote d'Ivoire.

The EU is Africa's primary accomplice and they are cooperating to handle the normal difficulties of today — from putting resources into the young, cultivating economic turn of events, and reinforcing harmony and security to helping interest in Africa, great administration, and better administration of relocation. Because a number of the heads of state who will be attending the summit will make official visits to Ghana for bilateral talks, the AU-EU Summit has a lot more significance for Ghana.

The majority of Africa's relations with Europe have so far been dependent on aid. The Daily Graphic is hopeful that President Akufo-Addo, along with state officials who will be participating in discussions with visiting European Heads of State and their delegations, will convey Ghana's desire to move beyond aid and take concrete steps to ensure that Ghana effectively shifts more toward trade and investment.

We are confident that the leaders meeting in Cote d'Ivoire will also talk about education, the environment, health, food, the economies of Africa, illegal migration, terrorism, human and drug trafficking, and how the youth of the two continents can best bring some practicality to these issues. We anticipate that the summit will not merely be a case of a talk shop, as many previous summits have been, but will instead leave indelible historical landmarks that will give the youth a positive definition and bring total development to Africa.

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