Denmark's expression of remorse on slave exchange inviting

 Denmark's expression of remorse on slave exchange inviting

The Danish government has officially apologized to Ghana for its deplorable job in the slave exchange which saw an expected 12 million Africans, including Ghanaians, sent across the Atlantic. The Overseas Slave Exchange included the constrained transportation by slave brokers of oppressed Africans to the Americas between the sixteenth and nineteenth hundreds years.

The slaves were treated in the cruelest ways, and racial tensions still exist in some Western nations as a result of the legacy of the slave trade. Hundreds of years after the slave exchange, in any case, the expression of remorse by the public authority of Denmark at the Administration last Thursday can be considered a demonstration of humility and altruism. " Slave trade is a shameful and enduring part of Danish history that we share. Shortly after a high-profile meeting between Ghana's President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and a delegation led by the Danish Queen, Margrethe II, the foreign minister of Denmark, Anders Samuelson, said, "Nothing can justify it."

The inhuman treatment of human beings under the guise of the slave trade is clearly not justifiable by any means. It will be extremely painful to relive some of the wicked and sinful things that happened during that time. Thousands of Ghanaians were beaten, tortured, and sold as slaves to Denmark, other European nations, and the Americas for things like ivory and gold, where they worked in stressful conditions to help those nations develop.

However, now that an apology has been issued, our nation cannot ignore the lingering hurt and looks forward to strengthening ties as part of efforts to improve global development and well-being. Ghana and Denmark have maintained strong diplomatic and commercial ties for a number of years, even after the gloomy days of the slave trade. The visit by the Sovereign, who was joined by delegates of Danish organizations and business associations, is a further declaration of the great relations that exist between the two nations.

The Daily Graphic is pleased to report that Denmark has provided Ghana with support in numerous economic areas through DANIDA. Furthermore, Denmark's gradual transition from development aid to trade cooperation is even more refreshing in light of President Akufo-Addo's plan to move Ghana away from aid. This is a positive development. We anticipate a partnership that would assist in addressing poverty, graduate and youth unemployment, and education issues. On the African front, the two nations can also collaborate to put an end to the widespread instability and escalation of conflict in certain regions of the continent.

As of now, Ghana's International concerns Priest, Lady Shirley Ayorkor Botchway, has griped about the high pace of unlawful movement, which, with its related difficulties, has been getting bunches of worldwide consideration in a couple of years. It will, subsequently, be significant for Ghana and Denmark to investigate areas of collaboration and work together to check the issues related to the hazard of unlawful movement, especially the exercises of human dealers. The two nations have, without a doubt, a significant role to play in global affairs, which they can effectively perform if they cooperate in the spirit of cooperation, unity, and peace.

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