Eliminate obstacles to school placement once and for all.

 Eliminate obstacles to school placement once and for all. 

Some irritated parents are said to have swarmed the offices of the Education Ministry in Accra in an attempt to find a place for their children. The Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) candidates who passed this year were expected to be placed in one of their four preferred schools; however, some of them were left out of the initial placement process.

Over the weekend, the Ghana Education Service opened a second window for such candidates, giving them until yesterday and extending it until tomorrow to participate in an online placement process to select schools from a predetermined list. However, the process proved to be a frustrating one for some of the candidates and their families, with some of them hounding the Ministry of Education to voice their dissatisfaction. The Computerised Schools Selection and Placement System (CSSPS) has been plagued by Internet-based issues this year, according to the government.

The Day to day Realistic comprehends and shares in the dissatisfaction and hopelessness that guardians and gatekeepers are going through to get school positions for their youngsters and wards and argues for quiet while the specialists figure out the difficulties with the server framework.

However, despite this, we are saddened by the fact that difficulties with computerized selection and placement continue to plague us in this technologically advanced age, and we are at a loss for how to overcome the obstacles. Even though it was cumbersome, the manual selection system did not cause the current frustration that parents and children are experiencing.

This is completely unacceptable because these setbacks could have a negative impact on the free SHS policy's educational calendar. A cursory examination reveals that the difficulties that are being encountered are bordering on traffic volumes due to the large number of individuals who want to access information on-site, which the system cannot support.

The Daily Graphic recommends to the authorities that multiple access points be established so that candidates and their parents can obtain information in a variety of ways. Alternately, candidates ought to be able to check their school placement on their mobile phones prior to the Ghana Education Service and CSSPS Secretariat's final placement.

We are of the opinion that, if these measures are put into action, they will significantly assist in resolving the persistent issues that parents face when trying to find a place for their children. Without a bold and long-lasting solution to this annual ritual, the nation cannot continue to discuss the same issue annually. Schooling is the bedrock of our improvement interaction and everything ought to be finished to make it open and fair consistently.

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