Give Dagbon peace talks a chance

 Give Dagbon peace talks a chance

It might seem like a Herculean task, but if history is any indication, the long-running Dagbon chieftaincy dispute can be resolved. Dagbon is working toward regaining his strength after the conflict and pursuing long-term peace. Following Ya Naa Andani II's assassination in 2002, the Dagbon State was embroiled in a protracted conflict.

The contention affected the whole Northern Area and the country, with the deficiency of many lives and the annihilation of properties. Also, the brutality impacted creation, showcasing, and interest in horticulture, the most predominant monetary action in Tamale City and different towns in the Dagbon State.

Again, farmers who grew perishable crops like watermelons, tomatoes, peppers, and onions suffered significant losses during the violence. Ranchers deserted their yields since they dreaded being gone after on their homesteads. Additionally, transportation networks were upset during the brutal conflicts and ranchers couldn't move their produce to the marketplaces.

Many endeavors at intercession flopped because of misconceptions over the execution of the last period of the guide to harmony in Dagbon. However, representatives from both sides of the Dagbon chieftaincy divide have agreed to restart peace talks today in Tamale. The Day to day Realistic invites the resumption of harmony talks after a significant stretch of halt and desires the clerical panel dealing with the debate to investigate every possibility as its continued looking for enduring and solid harmony.

We are aware that the committee has made some headway toward finding a middle ground between the two gates and would like to commend it for the significant progress it has made. The Everyday Realistic recognizes the endeavors of the Board of Prominent Bosses, the Northern Local Pastor, the Chieftaincy and Strict Issues Priest, the Public safety Clergyman and any remaining partners who are contributing in different ways to allow harmony an opportunity in Dagbon.

We believe that the committee, with the participation of respected chiefs, opinion leaders, and religious groups, can adopt traditional conflict resolution methods from within the local populace to achieve lasting peace. The Daily Graphic anticipates that Dagbon will rebound and reclaim its glory when all is said and done.

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