Guaranteeing food security is a reachable objective

 Guaranteeing food security is a reachable objective

Cultivating can be an extreme business, even in ideal circumstances, yet envision not having the option to demonstrate that the land that you develop is even yours. Around 10% of smallholder farmers in Ghana do not have any kind of ownership rights documentation. In the least this set them in a weak position; It can also frequently result in arguments. Obtaining a loan can also be challenging if your land is the primary asset against which you want to borrow money.

There has been a lot of discussion about Ghana's economy and the need to increase agricultural production to feed the country, create jobs, prevent rural-to-urban migration, alleviate poverty, and meet the nutritional requirements of citizens. Sadly, however, our governments and stakeholders have not done much over time to significantly develop the nation's agricultural industry. The economy will benefit greatly from intentional investments in agriculture.

It will encourage expansion in the manufacturing, industry, and services sectors. Agriculture and manufacturing productivity can, without a doubt, revitalize the economy. It will guarantee food security and provide jobs for thousands of people. When we export our surplus, additional investments in agriculture will generate foreign exchange.

The Daily Graphic is of the opinion that in order to achieve synergies and adequately address trade-offs between agriculture, water, energy, land, and climate change, an increase in integrated decision-making processes at the national and regional levels is required. As a result, The Daily Graphic suggests that one of the most efficient ways to share information is through phone-based agricultural advice. It makes use of the growing popularity of mobile technologies in developing nations.

Once more, the public authority ought to move forward with a program to sponsor manures for ranchers the nation over. All farmers who require and are able to pay for subsidized fertilizers ought to have access to a wide range of them. The public authority ought to likewise enroll more horticultural expansion officials to serve in the cultivating networks to exhort and direct ranchers along the best cultivating rehearses.

We have the technologies, partnerships, and tools necessary to make food security a reality, despite the fact that we live in a nation with a growing population, limited natural resources, and a changing climate. To sustainably increase agricultural production, improve the supply chain, reduce food losses and waste, and ensure that all people who are hungry or undernourished have access to nutrient-dense food at reasonable prices, it will take a great deal more effort and innovative thinking as the population grows.

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