Let's get contractors back to work on sea defense projects

It is said that prevention is preferable to treatment, so let's get contractors back to work on sea defense projects. It is likewise a reality that better figures it out now rather than later. Be that as it may, tragically in Ghana, this wise adage appears to be not to be essential for our lives. This is clear in many examples where we see triggers of an approaching catastrophe yet we are delayed to act. Eventually, we are constrained under extremely difficult conditions to allow enormous amounts of cash to address what we sat reserved to watch go crazy.

There is no doubt that rising seas will attempt to take some of our lands and reduce the size of our dear nation because we are surrounded to the south by extremely turbulent waters. Measures have been taken in other jurisdictions with similar circumstances to stop the sea from eating into the land, causing property damage, death, and loss of livelihoods.

The Daily Graphic has vivid memories of our brothers and sisters who lived in Keta, which is in the Volta Region when the sea nearly destroyed the town. Despite all of the controversy surrounding the project, it took the government's intervention to at least control the bad situation.

However, similar circumstances are prevalent throughout the nation because tidal waves are currently wreaking havoc in numerous coastal areas. Many people are losing their homes and farmlands as a result of the phenomenon, which is depriving them of their source of income. Additionally, they are unable to engage in any worthwhile fishing activities. In order to prevent the sea from further wreaking havoc, conscious efforts were made in the past to award contracts for the revival of projects. Sadly, these activities have slowed down.

Due to a lack of funds, contractors working on several sea defense projects, according to reports, have stopped working. Adjoa and Fonko in the Ahanta West District, as well as portions of Sekondi/Takoradi and the Shama Beach, Abuesi, and Anlo, are among the affected regions in the southern part of the Western Region. Some accommodation offices in those networks are continually in danger, as elevated tides and the sand have nearly gulped the rocks piled at the shore for the task. Due to the threat posed by the sea, there has been a significant decline in patronage at these facilities, which were previously flooded with customers every weekend.

The Daily Graphic went to Fonko and Adjoa to see if the sea threat was real. There, some people said that the contractors were still there but hadn't started working. They asserted that the circumstance posed a threat to life and demanded that construction work be resumed immediately. Both the Casablanca and Fonko beach resorts have been completely destroyed. The residents of Abuesi in the Shama District claimed that the contractor had left the location. To avoid a looming catastrophe, the Anlo Beach situation necessitates an immediate evacuation.

It is thus that we approach the public authority to find prompt ways to get the workers for hire back on the ventures to save our kin from being consumed by the eager sea. What we want to remember is that, it will be less expensive to forestall it now than hold on until it goes crazy. Because revenue generation is below expectations, we are well aware of the country's dire financial situation. However, we are unable to postpone this challenge any longer. The imminent catastrophe must be avoided immediately.

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