Time is important for business.

 Time is important for business. Time is a necessary part of life. There is no sense of time or ability to use it after death. Days, weeks, months, and years are the length of our lives, which are lived in seconds, minutes, and hours. Therefore, time is crucial; so vital that it highlights in most administration courses and books. Time management is an essential administrative function that gives all other principles traction.

As a matter of fact, life would be terrifying in the event that time was running out, timetables or cutoff times. We can all plan, evaluate, and virtually live with the help of time! For writers, time is critical and one of the inquiries we endeavor to find reactions to in any correspondence or distribution is when something occurred, or when something will occur. We can reduce the propaganda of politicians with time. As a result, a politician's verbosity when the cameras are on him or her and he or she is overjoyed and distracted by audience or listener numbers would cause a pause or a persistent repetition of a propaganda line. Others would give "soon" as a fitting reason.

Therefore, I was overjoyed on September 9, 2017, when the Minister of Gender and Social Protection, Ms. Otiko Afisa Djaba, announced an initiative to remove the poor from the streets called "operation get off the Streets" at a Day of Help event held by churches in the city at Independence Square (where approximately 18,000 people with disabilities and the poor were feted, medically screened, and given items).

She went on to emphasize that begging was not a profession and that an assessment of all beggars was to be conducted to determine their skills and capabilities for gainful employment. I inquired because the concept sounded great to me: Is there a timetable?" She let me know that within the following two to five years the service planned to get all poor people off the road.

She gave me a brief response when I insisted on knowing the start date: " What is causing that issue? Because it is a process, I believe that question is irrelevant. Journalists are always interested in these topics, but they do not respond to the question. She responded that she would not provide a specific start time because it was a process and she did not want to give anyone false hopes. I was able to chip in as she went on about how irrelevant the question is and how important it is to readers.

Yes, Madam Djaba, "we" journalists frequently inquire about timelines, but these inquiries are not irrelevant. In addition to providing readers with that piece of information, it aids in the production of news summaries. It is a fundamental test of politicians' commitment to the policy effort. Except maybe it was just a figment of your imagination that popped into your head when you saw a recorder pointed at you, giving you the impression that that thought would make for good sound bites.

When Dr. Y. Osei Adutwum, a Deputy Minister of Education, was questioned on BBC regarding the funding of the free senior high school, he extolled the President's commitment. And when asked about estimates for the exercise at a press conference to announce the start of the National Identification for the second time, the acting Executive Secretary, Prof. Ken Attafuah, stated that he did not have them on hand. Politicians and others in positions of authority need to be aware that constituents place a high value on answers to questions about costs and timing.

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