Guy arrested for dressing like a woman to write exams for his girlfriend

 A peculiar and unprecedented incident involving a young man deeply consumed by love for his girlfriend has taken the internet by storm. In an attempt to express his affection and assist his serious girlfriend with her General Certificate of Education (GCE) exam, the man resorted to a rather audacious plan that eventually led to his arrest.

GCE, a public examination taken in English and Welsh schools by students aged 17 and 18, holds significant importance for academic progression.


The young man, evidently intoxicated by his feelings, went to extreme lengths to help his girlfriend succeed in the crucial exam. In trending photos on social media, the young man can be seen meticulously disguising himself as a woman, by completely dressing as female.

His disguise seemed well-planned and foolproof, at least initially. However, fate had a different plan, and his true identity was exposed during the examination process. Authorities discovered the ruse and promptly arrested the love-struck individual.

Following a series of interrogations, the young man finally admitted to his elaborate scheme. His motivation was to support his girlfriend’s academic endeavours, as he intended to marry her in the future.

The incident has left social media abuzz with astonishment, as netizens grapple with the implications of such an act driven by love and devotion.

While the gesture may have been well-intentioned, the young man’s actions have resulted in legal consequences and raised questions about the boundaries of love and support in relationships.

Credit: GhPage

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